About Us

My name is Sophie, I am possibly the biggest chocolate enthusiast, I love chocolate, not only that, I love to share my passion and excitement for chocolate with others. We now have a fabulous team of chocolate lovers at Little Pretty Things, that have joined us on our journey as we continue to share our passion with fellow chocolate lovers.

I can't remember when I first fell in love with chocolate, it wasn't just for its taste and feeling of pleasure, I became utterly fascinated by it, and on many occasions frustrated by it. I grew up in a large house where there was always something being created in the kitchen, either by my nan who loved to spoil us with cakes and treats, my mother or my elder brother experimenting as he made his way through catering college. I think I was 6 years old when I just had to copy Ben's homework and make a Yule Log, mine didn't quite look like his, but I was always determined to give it a try. Ever since I hated the idea of being beaten so strived and struggled to understand chocolate, getting frustrated trying to work with Cadbury's Dairy Milk, trying to figure out why chocolate went white when it hardened as well as the joys of creating gorgeous chocolate fudge to share with others. In recent years I've admitted chocolate is an obsession, not just a passion.

I moved to the beautiful city of York to study at University, discovering York's chocolate heritage it didn't take long to fall in love and feel at home, especially with the perfect view of Terrys from my window and the unmistakable aroma of chocolate in the air. I had a turbulent journey through University as a bitter battle with Crohn's Disease took hold, I spent many months unable to eat and feeling very unwell, as I began to recover I discovered food again, I developed a new found love for flavour and valued real foods. 

I am not a classically trained chef, however what I lack in professional training I make up for with enormous amounts of passion, interest, practice and tastebuds. I have an enormous love for chocolate and the pleasure it creates, I understand how it can make a bad day better, brings us comfort when we're down and can be powerful in making others happy. I've read, baked, made and eaten all things chocolate, and that's what makes me so passionate about the art of chocolate.

The Rest of Our Team

Today I am fortunate to be joined by a team of Little Pretty Things, dedicated to chocolate. We love making our own chocolate creations, focusing on local produce. We love tasting chocolate and exploring the flavours and artistry that goes into its creation.

We love sharing our knowledge with others, either through group tastings, product development or showing you how to create your own fabulous chocolates. We're determined that everyone should be able to enjoy this fascinating "Food of the Gods", it's uses, it's role in society, history and the impact your purchasing power has on the world, we invite you to join us on this discovery. 

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