The Yorkshire Chocolate Collection

Little Pretty Things all start with hand piped ganache made using the finest Yorkshire Cream and Butter. Our combinations are inspired by the best flavours, ingredients and recipes in our local region, we go through lots of testing so we can find the perfect flavour balance, we have chocolate from Madagascar, Venezuela and Ecudor as well as fine Belgian Chocolate, each gives its own distinct taste and texture to compliment our flavours.

Our flavours are all derived from natural and unique ingredients from our local region, our Yorkshire Raspberries come from a fantastic York based farmer who has picked them at their ripest when full of natural sugars, our Little Bitter Things are made with Real Ale from an outstanding York based brewery, made with subtle chocolate hints it goes perfectly in our chocolates, our Yorkshire Lemon Curd uses a gorgeous Yorkshire Lemon Curd combined with cream and white chocolate. That's why our chocolates are never sitting around for months waiting to be enjoyed, they are made especially for you to make sure you get the best flavour possible. 

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The flavours we use to enhance our chocolates come from ingredients grown or produced in the Yorkshire region, we're really spoiled for choice so you will see our chocolate collection change and develop with the seasons so we can continue to use the best flavours from fruits, flowers, ingredients and recipes when they are in season and at their best. This might mean that at times we are unable to produce some of our classic flavours, we hope you understand that this way we feel we can give you a better quality of chocolate rather than using artificial preservatives, flavourings or fruits shipped in that are available all year round.

We're excited to be bringing you our Summer Collection, some of them are our seasonal favourites, whilst some are inspired by the foods, drinks and recipes of Yorkshire, we hope you will enjoy them:
  • Yorkshire Real Ale - Our classic Little Bitter Things is a favourite of ours in our chocolate range, it's Yorkshire and wonderful, we know you love it!
  • Yorkshire Blue Cheese and Biscuits - The Yorkshire Blue makes a great pairing with the creamy milk chocolate, we covered it with a great dark chocolate and topped with a biscuit crumble to give a great taste and texture combination.
  • Yorkshire Rose - We use a gorgeous rose petal jelly made by Grace Preserves to give a velvety Turkish Delight taste, surrounded by a rose water ganache
  • Yorkshire Lemon Curd - We source our Yorkshire Lemon Curd from another local producer to add a gorgeous citrus flavour to these chocolates
  • Yorkshire Strawberry - Fresh to the collection and made with strawberries grown in Acaster Malbis near York we create a Strawberry coulis that we combine with white chocolate to create a strawberry ganache full of natural strawberry flavour.
  • Rhubarb Crumble - We picked a big crop of Rhubarb from a local farm to create a stewed rhubarb ready to create a crumble, then we mix it with white chocolate, it tastes just like rhubarb and custard with the creamy vanilla chocolate, we top our chocolates with a cinnamon biscuit to add the crumble taste a texture.
We're always looking for new ingredients to incorporate into our Yorkshire Chocolate Collection, please feel free to offer your suggestions, for seasonal fruit and flavour combinations, alternatively if you have a product you would like us to use or feature please E:

Our Yorkshire Chocolate Collection are available to purchase from our partners Chocadores alternatively for bespoke orders, wedding and corporate gifts contact us or find us at one of our upcoming markets and  eventsSee some of the flavours from our past collections here