Favourite Flavours

Our favourite flavours are some of the best of the collection, we experiment with lots of gorgeous flavours all the time, the best ones make our Yorkshire Chocolate Collection for the season, here's some that we've perfected so far, these can be ordered for special occasions, when available. However we have so many ideas and are experimenting all the time, we also love to hear from the people that love tasting them so we can make sure our flavours suit you perfectly.

Click on the chocolates to see a bit more detail about each of them:  

Also available for bespoke orders:

These chocolates are available for orders over 20 chocolates, they use real flavours, but are not necessarily flavours that are available to us regionally, rather than being part of our regular collection they will be made just for you, feel free to challenge us to create something gorgeous for you or that favourite loved one.

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