Cheeky Cherry

Our Cheeky Cherry chocolates contain dried black cherries soaked in a very generous helping of Disorrono Amaretto, we encase them in a creamy milk chocolate ganache with another little dash of Amaretto. Finally, once they are ready we hand dip our Cheeky Cherry chocolates in a good quality Belgian Milk Chocolate before topping it with a gorgeous little heart to add a bit of extra crunch and texture. 

We love our Cheeky Cherry Chocolates with our little pink hearts, however this is a fantastic range of chocolates that can be customised to suit your colour scheme if you're after chocolates for a wedding or special occasion or to suit your business event. Whilst all of our chocolates are likely to contain traces of nuts, we can also make these chocolates with a generous helping of Kirsch instead of the Amaretto if you would prefer.