Ginger Parkin

Created as a tribute to the gorgeous Ginger Parkin, we named this chocolate after this rich, dark and warmingly spicy Yorkshire cake. We make our Yorkshire Parkin chocolate with an interesting Ginger Preserve made by Bracken Hill Preserves, based at Elvington, York. We combine the Ginger Preserve with Milk Chocolate to create a tangy ganache with slithers of preserved ginger throughout it. We then cover this is a dark chocolate before topping it with a piece of crystallised ginger. We've found this a real winner with true ginger lovers, creamy with a crunchy shell and chewy pieces throughout, this is a perfect, comforting winter warmer.

We use ingredients for this chocolate from:
Bracken Hill Fine Foods

This chocolate is available: As a winter warmer through the cold months of the year, available at other times for bespoke orders