Our Raspberry chocolates contain the ripest Yorkshire Raspberries from a fantastic farm on the outskirts of York, they pick their raspberries at the perfect point in the summer, freezing them within an hour to capture that fruity flavour. We come along, defrost the raspberries and make them into the most delicious puree to add to our chocolates. We combine the raspberry puree with a creamy milk chocolate that's high in cocoa solids. Finally, once they are ready we hand dip our raspberry chocolates in a good quality Belgian Milk Chocolate before topping it with some gorgeous edible, non-toxic glitter. 

This ingredient comes from: The Balloon Tree, Stamford Bridge Road, York

These chocolates are available:
As the Balloon Tree raspberries are frozen as soon as they are picked we are able to produce this chocolate throughout the year, however it only features regularly within the collection July - September

If you fancy this chocolate with a little bit of a kick we can add a generous helping of Creme De Frambois, a gorgeous raspberry liquer that compliments the flavour really nicely. As we know not everyone likes alcohol in their chocolates we've decided to leave it out.