Little Bitter Things - Real Ale

Our Yorkshire Bitter chocolates contain a significant dose of Centurion's Ghost, an
outstanding, award winning bitter from York Brewery that's why we've just renamed it Little Bitter Things. We first used Centurion's Ghost in a fantastic chocolate stout cake, it made the most gorgeous chocolate butter icing we just had to make it into a chocolate. This chocolate is a hit with men and women alike, it has a really creamy texture, achieved by the smoothness of the Centurion's Ghost, really dark and rich but not too sickly.  We combine the Centurion's Ghost  with a really dark chocolate. Finally, once they are ready we hand dip our
Yorkshire Bitter in a good quality Belgian Dark Chocolate before topping it with shavings of a really dark, 85% chocolate. 

You'll be really surprised that chocolate and beer go so well together, this makes for a really rich little bite, with a subtle malty flavour.

This ingredient comes from: York Brewery - visit their website  for directions to go visit the Brewery and see how Centurion's Ghost is made click here for more details of York Brewery and other great beers in their collection.

Available: All year round, this is one of our favourites, for now it's not going anywhere!