Yorkshire Blue Cheese & Biscuits

Our Yorkshire Blue Cheese & Biscuits chocolate is probably one of our most interesting chocolates, it is created with Yorkshire Blue, an amazing soft and creamy, award winning, blue cheese created by Judy Bell at Shepherd's Purse. It is a gorgeous combination of savoury and sweet, creamy and crunchy. We use a creamy Belgian Milk chocolate to combine with the Yorkshire Blue and Cream to make a smooth ganache ribboned with pieces of vein from the Blue Cheese. We then cover this with a shell of dark chocolate, providing a crispy, sweet and dark contrast to the creamy centre, the chocolate is then topped with good old Digestive Biscuits to provide an added texture and flavour dimension to the truffle. We are very proud of this chocolate and received some wonderful comments from eager, experimental chocolate tasters prepared to suspend their expectations of chocolate.

We source the ingredients used in this chocolate from: Shepherd's Purse

This Chocolate is available: Throughout the year on demand, it makes an occasional visit as part of the collection