Little Pretty Lollipops

Our little pretty lollipops are a fantastic addition to children's birthday parties, family occasions or just to give as a present. The great thing about chocolate lollies is that you can put just about anything on a lollipop, so if you don't see something that you really fancy please let us know and we will make it just for you.

Our lollipops are available in hearts, stars, flowers and circular shapes with some of the following flavours:

  • Belgian milk and white chocolate buttons (as pictured)
  • Strawberry Sparkle - Rich Belgian Milk Chocolate spotted with Strawberry Chocolate pieces and extra special sparkle for a special celebration
  • Orange & Ginger Crunch - Fantastic Dark Belgian Chocolate with Orange Chocolate pieces, crystallised orange pieces with chunks of ginger biscuit
  • Rocky Road - Rich Belgian Milk Chocolate with chunks of Little Pretty Things home-made marshmallow, chocolate and fudge pieces
All our chocolate lolly flavours are available in a mixture of chocolate drops, about the size of a
£2 coin, you can have a variety of flavours and toppings to perfectly accompany your coffee at the end of any meal.

Remember we're always happy to create something gorgeous to go with your special occasion, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can make something beautiful for you. 

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