Chocolate and Education

Chocolate makes the perfect learning tool for children of all ages, not just because it tastes gorgeous but because it captures the imagination. Our chocolate workshops can be tailored for all ages and elements of the curriculum, they can last from 20 minutes to give an inspiring introduction to 3 hours for a more in-depth exploration. As a NYBEP Ambassador organisation we have full CRB disclosure to offer inspiring and innovative work related learning all centred around chocolate.

We will bring all of the necessary tools and ingredients to give your students a hands-on discovery into the world of chocolate. Time and budget allowing they can all create something that they can take away to be proud of.

Some of the themes we cover:
  • Chocolate & Geography - discover where cocoa beans are from and the journey they make before they turn into chocolate
  • Chocolate & History - discover the journey of cocoa into chocolate from ancient Mexico to the role it's played in UK society
  • Chocolate & Literature - discover the fantastical world of Willy Wonka and challenge the imagination to create some outrageous chocolates
  • Chocolate & Art - learn how to work with chocolate as a creative ingredient to mould, shape, paint or carve to create edible masterpieces
  • Chocolate & Science - discover the secrets behind chocolate by understanding the way our ingredients work together and crystallise to make chocolate
  • Chocolate & Maths - the secret to chocolate making is all about balance and numbers, formulas and ratios, never has maths tasted so fun
  • Chocolate & Enterprise - challenge your students to work as a team to research and design new products for the chocolate market
  • Chocolate & Cookery - learn how to work with chocolate to create some gorgeous chocolate treats
  • Chocolate & Manufacturing - we'll learn what goes on in the big chocolate factories by actually making chocolate from the beans themselves using some basic tools that might surprise you
  • Chocolate & York - Once known as the Chocolate City we will explore how the chocolate industry has shaped the city with confectionery businesses such as Rowntree, Terry's, Craven's and Tuke long established in York.
There are 2 components to our chocolate workshops, a taught, demonstration component where your group can discover more about your chosen topic, the second component gives your group the opportunity to create their own chocolate product to take home and show off.

Contact us to discus your group and how we can create the perfect chocolate workshop to support your class work and key stage either at your school or at our venues in York for visiting schools.