Little Pretty Birthday Parties

Our chocolate parties are about encouraging us to get involved with creating our foods, not about gorging! During our Chocolate Birthday Parties we discover some great facts about chocolate - like the role it plays in climate change - the demand for chocolate has saved large parts of the Rain Forest in South America! Dark chocolate can also be very healthy, it contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants and far less fat than white chocolate. We want everyone to be able to enjoy chocolate healthily, responsibly and most importantly in a very fun way!
Our Chocolate Birthday Parties can be perfectly hosted at one of our York based venues, or alternatively in your own home. We tailor your party to the age and appropriateness for your guests attending.

"Just to say a very big thank you for an excellent party last weekend - the girls loved it and thank you for all your kindness. It was great for me to have a day off my Lent fast and indulge in some chocolate too!"

Please click on the age group of your guests to discover some of our suggestions we think are appropriate for your party.

Birthday Parties for Ages 4 - 9

Birthday Parties for Ages 9 - 14

Birthday Parties for Ages 14 & over - including adults

Why not come and find us at The Little Chocolate Factory where we take our chocolate making out and about to come and see what might be involved!