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LPT Excited to be part of new Google project

posted Feb 25, 2010, 11:01 AM by Sophie Jewett   [ updated Jul 9, 2010, 5:01 PM ]
Little Pretty Things is really excited to be part of a new Google initiative to support Britain's businesses - Get British Business Online aims to recruit 100'000 businesses to help them create a website with a great free website building tool. We were asked by Google if they could profile our website as a great example created using their tools, we've had great fun making our site, and found it so easy to use we were very happy to be of assistance, and they said some lovely things about us so how could we say no? We'd definitely recommend using this opportunity to create a fantastic site that can reflect your own preferences and product. Visit our feature in the Gallery section of the project, or see what we had to say about our experiences with google sites at our own profile.   

Here's what lovely things they had to say about us, (we know we're boasting, but we're just a little bit pleased with ourselves!):

Little Pretty Things are a successful chocolate maker based in York. Their 'pretty' website not only shows off their chocolates, but also offers the latest company news, details on their Chocolate Club, and online order form downloads. Read the full case study.
  1. A well designed header image fits in with the 'Little Pretty Things' style perfectly
  2. News is used to keep customers informed and keep the website feeling fresh
  3. The colour scheme not only fits in with the company and their products, but also makes the website easy to read
  4. An extensive gallery of products should aid sales alongside the online order form
  5. Pictures of staff add a personal touch to the site