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Our Yorkshire Chocolate Collection whips up at storm at Foodies

posted Jul 7, 2010, 9:37 AM by Sophie Jewett
The Yorkshire Chocolate Collection was launched at Foodies Festival at Roundhay Park, Leeds.

The Yorkshire Chocolate Collection contains gorgeous chocolate flavours from across God's Own County, our top selling Real Ale Chocolates - Little Bitter Things made with Centurion's Ghost from York Brewery made a welcome return as did some amazing local fruits, our Yorkshire Raspberry, Strawberry and Rose and Rhubarb Crumble were created with real fruits from local farm The Balloon Tree, whilst interesting combinations such as Lavender with Blackcurrant and Elderflower with Gooseberry recreated classic regional fruit and flower combinations.

Our most exciting flavour was our Yorkshire Blue Cheese and Biscuits - we created a gorgeous creamy centre with Yorkshire Blue from Shepherd's Purse, it had a fantastic reception, while many were intrigued at the taste they were pleasantly surprised by the great creamy and subtley sweet combination that the cheese and chocolate had, we topped the chocolate off with a little biscuit to give it a complimentary crunchy texture.

Our Yorkshire Chocolate Collection will change with the seasons so we can continually use the best of local and seasonal produce, whilst we do our best to preserve the quality of the flavours, we hope our customers appreciate that some flavours are there to be enjoyed while they can and so don't always preserve well. We prefer to continue to use natural flavourings in our chocolates which is how we achieve the quality experience for you, therefore some of our flavours are only available at certain times of the year. We hope you're not too disappointed but excited to try a brand new flavour combination.