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Chocolate Tempering

To get a gorgeous crunchy shell you will need to prepare your chocolate so it is at the right consistency to work with but looks glossy and silky, this is called tempering, it is all about how the cocoa butter element of the chocolate is treated. Here's our very simple recipe and method to follow.


500g of Milk Chocolate (chopped finely and evenly)


You will need to prepare the following items, you must make sure they are clean and completely dry:

  • Plastic Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon or Plastic Spatula
  • Small Saucepan of water or microwave
  • Baking Tray with Baking Paper or plastic sheets (punched pockets are perfect)
  • Hair dryer


  1. Place the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and put in the microwave for 30 seconds. If you do not have a microwave you can do the same over a saucepan of hot water, please be careful not to burn yourself.
  2. After 30 seconds take out of the microwave or off the saucepan and stir. The chocolate won't look like it's melted yet but you will need to stir to distribute the heat evenly.
  3. Put the chocolate back in the microwave again for another 30 seconds, take out and stir.
  4. You need to keep doing this until 2/3 of the chocolate is melted and the rest is still lumpy. You must reduce the length of time each time you return the bowl to microwave, it's important that you don't burn or over melt the chocolate so it's better to be cautious.
  5. When 2/3 of the chocolate is melted remove from the microwave and stir until the rest of the lumps are mixed into the chocolate. A great hint to help with tempering the chocolate is to keep a small hair dryer handy, you can gently add some heat to the chocolate and melt any bits that start to solidify.
  6. When the chocolate is properly tempered it should be thick enough that it leaves a trail in the bowl from the spoon, another test is to dip a knife into the chocolate and set it aside for 5 minutes, if it is perfectly tempered it should dry silky and a solid colour. If the chocolate sets before the end of the 5 minutes you need to make the mixture slightly warmer, if it takes more than 5 minutes then add some more finely chopped chocolate and stir to melt it in.
  7. Using clean, dry hands scoop the chocolate into one hand, with the other hand dip the truffle centre into the chocolate to evenly coat, tap off any excess chocolate and place onto the sheet of baking paper.
  8. Decorate your truffles to make them look gorgeous, roll them in crushed biscuits or nuts, or add chocolate curls, fruit or pretty pink hearts to make each one different or personalise them for the occasion. You will need to do this quickly before they set, it's easier if you have someone to help you.
  9. Leave your chocolates somewhere cool to set, then put them in the fridge for 10 minutes show off and enjoy. These chocolates are best eaten quickly, but will last up to 2 weeks if they really have to.