Chocolate Factory on Tour

This year we decided to leave the office and kitchen behind and take our chocolate factory on tour, sharing the principles and processes of chocolate making with anyone who would like to join in. It's been fantastic fun with some gorgeous creations from the most artistic chocolate makers, I dare say that many of them have been enjoyably devoured if they got as far as making it home!

This Christmas we visited Christmas Fairs around the Yorkshire region so everyone could make their own gorgeous chocolate Lollipops, Puddles or Christmas Baubles whilst at Easter we made Easter Eggs - well we were very impressed by what was created. It really is quite simple to give it a try

What's involved?


Choose up to

4 toppings

3. Tap the tray gently on the table

5. Come back 20 minutes later to wrap and collect


Collect a big splodge of chocolate

4. Place a lollipop stick on your splodge of chocolate and turn it over.

You have 5 minutes to decorate your chocolate creation.


               6. Show off, share or just enjoy!